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Medieval-Fantasy Carpenter's House Development Sheet

The building progression start from the basic level : the tent. the first evolution the Woodcutter's Hut allows the construction of some little camps to facilitate the production into the wood : Lumberjacks' camp for the logs, Ash burning camp for Charcoal and Potash. The Woodcutter Hut can be specialized to these dedicate productions of goods and into the Forester.
The Woodcutter Lodge collects Logs and refines Timber. The Woodcutter House level ups into dedicated workshop for particular products, the most important are the Lumber Mill and the Carpenter's Shop. From now the logs are not collected more but only refined into lumber. The Lumber Mill enlarges the production of lumber, the other workshops produce goods from it. The Carpenter is the basic one: produces basic products from woods and it's dedicated for the maintenance of the houses and wood materials. The other workshops are specialized for each basic goods produced into the Carpenter's Shop: Furniture, musical instruments..